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What We Do


Our approach to your mules are a lot different than what you may be used to seeing. We really emphasize being able to read the mule and what the mule is presenting back to us during the training process, and we adjust our approach based on that feedback. What that does is show the mule that we are looking at things from their perspective and we understand what they are trying to tell us. In turn, we establish a higher level of communication that not only the mule respects and appreciates, but it also builds more confidence in the mule and it makes for a much more relaxed mule. All of the training we do is centered around the well being of your mule, not only from a physical aspect, but a mental and emotional aspect which are equally as important.


We like to give our customers the right tools. Without the right tools, it is very difficult to do any kind of job. We teach our riders a lot about proper mindset, awareness, along with all the basics such as timing, balance,  release, and good riding habits. Most importantly, we teach you how to read your mule and what those things mean to you and what you are doing with your mule. We also teach and educate riders on leadership. Our philosophy is that good leaders make good decisions that only result in yes answers. Our leadership ideas have nothing to do with dominance over the animal but more of a willing partnership that meets in the middle where you and the mule have a mutual understanding and respect for each other. 


We all know the saying that teamwork makes the dream work, and that holds true for you and your mule. We teach our clients the best ways to communicate and get along with their animals and develop specific training exercises for each situation.  Each clinic or individual session is designed to give hands on assistance to people and help them through areas where they might be stuck and help them progress to the next step in their own process. We identify areas that need work and together we create the type of mule that you want to have. 


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Colt starting has always been a huge passion of ours. There is nothing more important to a mule's life than a solid, well-planned foundation. We will take your colt through 40 different fundamentals during our foundation training before the first ride. All of our foundation training focuses on teaching your mule to be soft, obedient, willing, and having the ability to regulate their emotions. Our foundation training does not advance the mule just for the sake of advancing; we will not move to the next thing until what we are working on is good and understood by the mule. Then and only then will we move on. We strive for zero holes in the foundation; that is how passionate we are about starting colts. The foundation training we provide is also suitable for older mules with trouble that may need to be taken back to the beginning and restarted. 

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