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Growing up in the four corner's area, where my main influences were all mule people, I spent many of my early years learning the ropes of mules and mule packing. At an early age, I was hooked and knew what I wanted to do in life, work with mules. Having the privilege of always being on mules, I developed a great sense of how they think and developed a great sense of empathy for mules. Over time, I realized the importance of timing, balance, and understanding things from the mule's perspective.

Continuing on a quest for excellence that would bring it all together someday, we decided that we needed to put ourselves out there, help those who genuinely wanted it, and needed it, so we started our mule company with a few goals in mind. Rockin NT Mules is an Arizona based Mule Company that has established one of the most respected and trusted methods in the united states for training and breeding for mules.

Throughout the years, we have built our reputation by striving for excellence in both mules and riders while developing what we feel is our unique training style that is specifically centered on what the mule needs and understands. Our approach will always be centered on safety for the mule and handler, while the primary focus is helping people understand mules and how to become a better person for their mules. 

We have always been willing to share our knowledge with anyone serious about improving themselves and their mules. Everyone can improve their skills by learning how to be more effective in presenting themselves to their mule and learning to understand how they perceive them as individuals. We try to build confidence in the mule and rider and take you to the next level, whatever that might be.
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