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My Philosophy

When I work with people and their mules, it doesn’t have much to do with the methods you use. It has more to do with your mindset, approach, and how what you’re doing, or not doing, is seen from your mule’s perspective. When you start seeing things from your mule’s perspective and how they are or aren’t reacting to what you are asking, you will open up a whole new world with your animal.

My favorite thing to tell people is that the best training tool you have is your ability to read your animal. In every interaction we have with these animals, they provide us with valuable feedback that what you are doing is either ok or not ok. This feedback can be positive or negative, but all of it is valuable.

What to Expect at a Clinic

Our clinics are designed to give hands-on assistance to people and help them through the areas where they might be stuck and help them progress to the next step in their own process using their own methods. We will work together to identify areas that need focus, from the basics to more advanced problem-solving. Please think about what you need help with the most, as this will be our focus for you.

The better understanding you have of the basics, the better you and your mule will be set up to move forward. We believe that 99% of our problems can be rectified by taking a few steps back, even if that means going back to the ground and making sure all the steps leading up are good. Our goal is to connect the dots from what we learned during the problem-solving phase and apply those to our ridden work. At the end of the clinic, we want everyone to leave feeling like they learned more and have a plan with their mule when they get home.

If you are interested in hosting a clinic or in need of one on one help, please call for pricing and availability. 

Upcoming Clinics:

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules December 21-23 2022

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules January 15-18 2023

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules February 2-4 2023

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules February 10-12 2023

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules March 3-5 2023

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules March 23-25 2023

Private Clinic Rockin NT Mules April 6-8 2023

Bishop Mule Day's, Bishop CA  May 23th-28th, 2023

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